Rapid Vocab

The Key to Master American English

RAPID VOCAB, established in 2018, is an American English vocabulary mastery e-course for people above age 2. The program features hours of colorful lessons, music videos, quizzes, and extensive lesson material based on Latin and Greek root words, prefixes, and suffixes.

The program is designed to be the shortcut that helps children with both vocabulary and spelling for the rest of their lives.  By mastering the 21 core root words, prefixes and suffixes in RAPID VOCAB, they will have the tools to decode over 100,000 words for life, without the need for a dictionary or thesaurus.  This provides a distinct advantage, helping them fall in love with learning for its own sake.  The program itself is divided into three levels with animated lessons, animated music videos, animated key word videos, laminated PDF printouts mailed directly to your residence upon ordering, audio lessons, and comprehensive quizzes.  Whether your family is in Russia, China, India, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, or even the United States, Rapid Vocab is sure to give your child the competitive advantage they need.

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Course Content

Your child will unlock the tools to master new words. All of the root words, prefixes, and suffixes your child will learn are the building block components of the most frequently tested words on numerous standardized exams. Keep your child entertained during lockdown.

  • Latin and Greek-based Root Words, Prefixes, and Suffixes

  • Animated Video Lectures and Music Videos

  • Extensive Practice Making and Breaking Words

  • Printable Lyrics PDFs and Key Words PDFs

  • Catchy Songs in Audio and Music Video Formats

  • Extensive Practice Quiz Questions

  • SAT Verbal Score Increase Guarantee - Or Your Money Back

  • Course Completion Certificate

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Example Lesson: TRACT

In this lesson, Miss Vocabot Sings and Dances to "TRACT"

The Course

Level 1

Module 1: Move Along / Roots: mov(e), mot(e)

Module 2: Get Carried Away / Roots: mov(e), mot(e)

Module 3: The Writing on the Wall / Roots: mov(e), mot(e)

Module 4: Prefixes: pre-, sub-, in-, inter-, dis-, ex-, ad-, pro-, trans-, per-, re-, de-

Module 5: Suffixes: -er, -est, -less, -ful, -able

Level 2

Module 1: Pull With All Your Might / Roots: tract

Module 2: Talk About Studying / Roots: log(ue), logy

Module 3: Do the Right Thing / Roots: fac(t), fec(t), fic(t)

Module 4: Say It Well / Root: dic(t)

Module 5: Take the Lead / Roots: duc(e), duct

Module 6: Write It Down / Roots: scrib(e), script

Module 7: Putting It Together / Roots: pos(e), posit, pon(e)

Module 8: Looking Around Roots: spec, spect

Module 9: Prefixes

Module 10: Suffixes

Level 3

Module 1: Let's Move! / Roots: mov(e), mob, mot(e)

Module 2: Bring It On and Carry On / Root: port

Module 3: Pull Your Weight Root: tract

Module 4: Do Something! / Roots: fac(t), fec(t), fic(t)

Module 5: Carry On! / Root: fer

Module 6: Just Say It / Root: dic(t)

Module 7: Take Time to Learn the Roots / Roots: cap, capt, cip, cept

Module 8: Hold the Roots Roots: ten, tent, tend, tens(e)

Module 9: Show the Way! / Roots: duc(e), duct

Module 10: Write All About It / Roots: scrib(e), script

Module 11: Send It Along! / Roots: mit(t), miss

Module 12: Words That Mean to Fold / Roots: ply, plex, plic

Module 13: Put the Roots in Their Place / Roots: pos(e), posit, pon(e)

Module 14: Many Forms of Writing / Roots: graph, gram

Module 15: Look at these Roots / Roots: spec, spect

Module 16: Hold On! / Roots: tin, tain

Module 17: Stand Up! / Roots: sta, stat, sist

Module 18: Prefixes, Part 1

Module 19: Prefixes, Part 2

Module 20: Suffixes

Module 21: Write On! / Roots+Suffixes: log(ue), logy


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Miss Vocabot is the Singing, Dancing Vocabulary Robot


Miss Vocabot

Miss Vocabot is a singing, dancing robotic character. Throughout the course, Miss Vocabot is in bright, bold, beautiful color, which engages visual-spatial learners, kinesthetic learners, and auditory learners. All module lessons are taught in an innovative, engaging, thoughtfully designed format with certification from a professional instructional design agency. Miss Vocabot is beloved by all.